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Multiplayer Prototype

Updated: Feb 24

Engine Used: Unity What I learned:

To say I learned "a lot" would be an understatement. This project really challenged me because setting up all the logic and ensuring it replicated and worked for both players was quite a task.

A fun bug I encountered was when turning the character left or right, the whole game would flip! That was amusing! Also, learning about rooms and matching room names and servers was a lot, and frankly, quite confusing!

I think it was important that I learned how to let players pick their own names and create their own rooms. Despite it being a pain in C#, I believe it added a nice polish to the prototype, allowing it to feel more complete and refined.

Player 1 defaulted as a Princess and was the protagonist of our game, while Player 2 was a mage and loyal servant to the Princess. Player 2 could shoot spells, while Player 1 had a sword that shot beams. So, depending on whether you prefer combat face to face or as a mage, I allowed players the option to choose. Designing for 2 players was a significant challenge compared to designing for just 1. When I worked on this project during grad school, it was my first experience with multiplayer design. I made sure to include a variety of enemies so that both players could experience combat. Additionally, I ensured that the players had different abilities and gave them the choice of who to play as.

What I would do differently:

Now that I have more knowledge and experience, I would add more multiplayer aspects to this little game. Take the story, for example, where the Princess and her friend are captured and presumably escaping their cell. There could have been puzzles and traps that required 2 players to solve together. "It Takes Two" is an exemplary example of 2-player co-op design that I would have liked to emulate in my game. Even the ability to have Player 1 stand on a button to hold the gate open would have been a simple thing to add, but alas, hindsight is 20/20! On to the next project! Fun Facts:

  1. There is no official "die" function! I cheated and had the player teleport if they fell down a hole or got hit by an enemy! :)

  2. I was inspired by "Super Princess Peach" and wanted a Princess to save herself and the day!

  3. My friend composed the music and was my part-time QA tester! Check out the music score here!

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