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multiplayer game screenshot2.PNG

Play my 2 player prototype action platformer with a pal and enjoy escaping the dungeon!

What I learned?

Draggy's Dominion.PNG

Join Draggy on this epic adventure as he travels through various lands to rescue his best friend Pip who was mysteriously kidnapped!

What I learned?

Released 3/12/2021

Bacon Blitz Go

Help Snortle the Pig escape from the farm! See how long you can survive in this endless runner!!


Gather water droplets to help Pit, the adorable cherry grow! Make sure to avoid the spikey bombs or its game over!


A simple platformer made with Unity

This is a project I made in my prototyping class during my graduate studies at Lindenwood University. We had a week to make a simple game and I choose a classic, the platformer!

QB part 2.PNG

Our assignment was to add to a previous game we made by adding new goals like a timer and enemies. I chose to expand on my original QB game.


The final version of QB

Our final project for class was to "finish" and polish one of our prototypes. I really grew fond of QB and it's simple platformer mechanic. I choose to add 3 levels and a "final" boss.


Endless Runner

This is an endless runner prototype I made for school. Play as Cherry-O! A cute cherry who is grabbing water drops to grow! Avoid the bombs or get a game over!

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